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Bichon in Garbage


Kiyomi and Amy's Del Valle Show

Bichons... Bichons... Nothing but Bichons...

Kiyomi and Very Pregnant Alex

Kiyomi relaxes with Alex
before the show

Open class
enters the

Kiyomi and Amy enter the Ring

Kiyomi showing Amy

Kiyomi and Amy showing Amy stares at Kiyomi

A little discussion here

Kiyomi and Amy get ready

Judge selects Amy

Kiyomi and Amy WIN!!!

Judge Stein hands Kiyomi BOS Ribbon for Amy

Judge  hands Kiyomi the BOS Ribbon

Steve and Cher
Congratulate Kiyomi
Steve and Cher congratulate Kiyomi

Gayle and Harvey congratulate Kiyomi

Gayle and Harvey
Congratulate Amy & Kiyomi

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Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown

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