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October 1 - 15 1997

From: Rachel (
Date: Wed Oct 15 23:17:25 1997

New Puppy

I got an 11 week old Bichon last week and she is doing great except for biting. Does anyone else have this problem, and what are you doing about it? I know she is just playing but she bites very hard. She also does not know what NO means. Please help!


From: Elizabeth (Sajeum4)
Date: Wed Oct 15 20:57:14 1997

Sad Bichon Owner

I have a 4 month old bichon who is absolutely adorable. We are crate training her and able and very loveable. We are crate training Molly and she is doing very well except she has only had a few accidents. I have two teenage children so Molly is my baby. My problem is that my husband hates her---he hates all dogs ---- any suggestions?


From: Marc and Valerie (
Date: Tue Oct 14 21:04:45 1997

Bichons and asthma

My husband has asthma. We have heard that the Bichon frise breed is speciallly suited for asthma sufferers because they do not have dander and do not shed. Does anyone know anything about this? My husband grew up with dogs despite having terrible asthma, however, now that he has been away from his family's pets he suffers terrible asthma when around dogs. We would love to get a dog that will not excacerbate his asthma. If you have any information about this we would be most appreciative. Thanks!


From: Mr. and Mrs Narzekalski (
Date: Mon Oct 13 20:30:49 1997

CHAMPAGNE...New addition to Narzekalski family

First we would like to thank BLF for making this page possible. We adopted a 9wks old girl bichon frise just couple of days ago and she is adorable. Our 3 and half yrs old daughter loves her so much that she sleeps with her. We thought about adopting a yorkie because we didn't know about bichon frise. But thanks to one nice lady that we met in San Francisco Safeway. She asked me and my daughter to watch over her dog for a minute outside the store. I(Mrs) thought it was a poodle. When the owner came out she told me it was a bichon frise. She said a lot good things about this dog, so we came home and looked in the internet. And the more I read about this breed the more I like it. Its a perfect dog. Thanks to this Safeway shopper. Without her I might have never found out about this beautiful, adorable little life. Any comments or suggestion are very much welcome!!!!!!

Thank-you, Narzekalski


From: Mrs. Dooker (
Date: Fri Oct 10 16:30:36 1997

In Loving Memory...

When my Dad and I (I am a cairn terrier) came to live with my mom I was 2 years old and Yummy, my mom's loving, sweet, funny, playful, smart (and so forth) bichon was 15. Yummy and I became fast friends quickly and I loved him dearly from the beginning. His good nature let him easily accept me into the household and he shared everything with me (EVEN MOM!). We only differed on two things. I think tennis balls are the greatest thing since sliced bread and he didn't and he loved to do something mom called "doggy possessed", where he would run in seemingly never-ending circles around the living room while I watched with the same astonishment that he had when I would run to get those tennis balls. Unfortunately, a few months after Dad and I came to live with Mom Yummy got bladder cancer and left us. It was quick though, and he seemed to not suffer in the least. He was embarrassed, though, in his last few days, by his incontinence. We all still miss Yummy


From: Beth (
Date: Tue Oct 7 00:53:36 1997


AS week from today I will bring home my first Bichon puppy. She will be 9 weeks old. I am very excited, however I am not sure of the best way to housetrain her. I have read several different ways, but what is the best for a Bichon? I am afraid if she has too many accidents my boyfriend might make me sell her. Help!!!


From: Geoff & Cathy Fierce (
Date: Mon Oct 6 15:57:54 1997


We have a Bichon who is almost 3 years old (Oct.23). Harley is a joy to be with. He is outgoing and friendly towards evryone and every other animal. When he was born he was only 3 ounces and had to be tube fed to be kept alive. Consequently he is a very delicate tiny dog, but he has the heart of a lion. He loves to play with our cat Stimpy, and when Stimpy won't play back he pulls him around the room by his tail untill he responds. I am in a wheelchair, and when I take him out for a he has decided that since I ride, so should he. I never liked small dogs before we got Harley, as they were always too yapee. Harley never barks outside of the house and in the house only when we are not giving him enough attention. We can't imagine him not being in our lives and will always have a Bichon in our home.


From: Linda (
Date: Mon Oct 6 02:00:33 1997


I have a 6 year old bichon who seems to lose his breath (like a snorting) when he gets excited. When I questioned my vet he said that it was a common occurance in beagles and not to worry...but I worry! Anyone else experience this with their Bichon?


From: Vicki (
Date: Sun Oct 5 17:41:01 1997

Growing interest in Bichons

I am looking for printed information about Bichons. I also have allergies and asthma and have been told to not get another dog when my 12 year old baby is gone. I am 48 years old and have never not had a dog. I first saw a Bichon about four years ago and fell in love with him immediately. If anyone has information about them that they would like to share, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


From: Janis Atkinson (janguar1)
Date: Sat Oct 4 12:12:37 1997


We have just purchased a puppy 12 weeks old - B.J. My children adore him and he is learning fast! The potty training is going very well although I am nervous about the "marking" I have read about here and elsewhere. I have heard that a neutered male dog marks less but that this is no guarantee. Any early puppy tips people think may help to discourage this behavior or is it pretty much genetic and out of our control? At 14 weeks he goes out every two hours and does his business there. He does not ask to go out but he is soiling the kitchen floor less and less (yesterday not at all). We were thinking of putting a bell on the door so he could tell us when; my mother used that trick successfully with her cocka-poo for years. We have taught him to sit on command and he knows he must stay in the kitchen (we are training him to earn the rest of the house one room at a time). I have allergies and asthma so my allergist said he should stay on the first level of the house.


From: Diane (
Date: Thu Oct 2 23:09:48 1997

Our new Bichon named Juliette

We adopted (rescued) her as a five year old that was not named!! Yes, our family was one of the lucky families that rescued one of the 33 Bichons that were taken in August near Golden, Co. My mom drove over an hour to the Table Mountian Animal Shelter and stood in line for 4 hours to sign up to adopt a puppy or adult Bichon. Oh, we all wanted a female because we have Romeo. He is a five years old Bichon, I got for my 5th birthday. We went to California to get him. He is still a puppy even if he is five years old. Now that he has his Juliette he is even more playful. They play and sleep and eat and sleep and beg for treats. They are wonderful pets and our whole family loves both of them. Romeo does mark his territory sometimes. My mom says that he does "it" when we don't pay attention to him or forget to give him fresh water or play with him. He hasn't had an accident since Juliette came to live with us.


From: Flower E (
Date: Thu Oct 2 16:48:55 1997

I Love My Bichon

I love my puppy Max.He loves to play with my dog Spike and loves to play ball.When I go to bed he comes with me.He follows me everywhere.He looks like a little fluff ball.


From: Donna Lori (
Date: Thu Oct 2 14:27:54 1997


I was so relieved to read the experiences of other Bichon owners regarding Potty Training. I got my adorable Samantha at 11 weeks and even though I am "crate training" her, she is 3 and a half months and she still hasn't got it. She messes her crate too. So I guess I just need to be more patient.

Otherwise, she is the best dog, very playful and naughty as can be but when she cuddles up to me I can forgive her anything.


From: L Break (
Date: Thu Oct 2 13:35:38 1997

Potty Training


we own a beautiful seven month old bichon named max. We love Max very much, however he has a most annoying habit of relieving himself in the house.
I think he is marking his territory. We are at a loss as to how to correct this problem since he does not bark at the door when he needs to go out.

I do try to be consistent when I let him out to do his business. Any suggestions would be most welcome!!!

L. Break

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