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Bichon in Garbage


Bichon Frise Club of America, Inc.

Guidelines for Conduct

Bichons... Bichons... Nothing but Bichons...

1. Members are expected to observe the highest standards of sportsmanship, conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect positively on the sport of showing dogs. They shall exhibit good will at all dog-related events including All-Breed shows, Specialties and Obedience Trials.

2. Members who contemplate breeding a litter, or who allow the use of their stud dog to the same end, shall do so with every effort toward producing dogs of exceptions quality, temperament and condition.

3. No member shall knowingly engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of their dogs; nor shall they malign their competition by making false or misleading statements regarding their competitor's dogs, breeding practices or person.

4. Breeders shall be familiar with their breed, the Standard for the breed, and be responsible for breeding only those specimens which merit it.

5. Breeders shall be familiar with AKC rules concerning record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of dogs, and abide by these rules.

6. Breeder-Members shall use for breeding only those dogs which are healthy, and free from serious congenital and hereditary defects, and cease breeding any animals which have been found to produce such defects in their offspring.

7. Breeder-Members shall breed only when they have the time and facilities to provide adequate attention to the physical and emotional development of puppies, and shall provide this attention until such time as the puppies are sold.

8. Members shall make every effort to insure that those specimens of the breed which shall not be used for breeding purposes are spayed or neutered, and do all in their power to prevent their stock from falling into the hands of those who would exploit the breed for personal gain, without thought of the betterment of the breed.

Rev.May 1994

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Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown

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