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Visit from a White Angel

When a white angel visited, you come to love a white angel.
Till a white angel becomes accustomed to your environment,
you may have many problems.
But, if it is compared with the pleasure which a white angel
gives to you, it is a trifling problem.
Wonderful every day continues.
A white angel gives much pleasure to you.
A white angel heals your sorrow and distress.
And, a white angel gives a smiling face to you.
But pleasant every day ends one day........
A white angel must return to the rainbow bridge, that God waits.
When a white angel returns to a rainbow bridge, you will cry by loneliness.
But, the wonderful memory which a white angel left is yours eternally....
And, you meet again with your white angel...

by Kiyomi Ochiai

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Partners in Poetry

Kiyomi Ochiai/Norma Dirszowsky

The above lovely passage was written by KIYOMI OCHIAI, who sent the poem to NORMA DIRSZOWSKY and asked Norma to write an "English" version of her words. The rewritten poem was then returned to Kiyomi who designed and added the illustrations. The following is Norma's interpretation of Kiyomi's poem.

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If you are very fortunate, God sends from up above
A beautiful white Angel that you cannot help but love.

Although it may be difficult at first to learn your ways,
The Angel gives you, in return, so many happy days.



Sorrow and distress will fade at the Angel's smiling face,
And love, and joy and pleasure will emerge to take their place.

Alas, one day the time will come when your little one must leave
For the Rainbow Bridge, at God's command, and you will deeply grieve.



But soon you'll come to realize that you're really not apart;
That the Angel hasn't left you, but lives within your heart.

The bonds of love are much too strong for anything to sever,
And your memories of the Angel will remain with you forever.


byNorma Dirszowsky

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Illustrations on this page are the property of Kiyomi Ochiai and are not to be copied without her knowledge and consent.

Poems not to be reproduced without permission of the Authors.

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