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The Bichon Frise Club of America, Inc.

Member of the American Kennel Club

BFCA Supplies

BF Book

Item A Booklet "Your Bichon Frise"

33 pages of excellent information including the official Breed standard. Mailed post paid. $6.00 single copy. $17.50 for 5 copies. $35.00 for 10 copies. $150 for 50 copies.

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FAQ Pamphlet

Item C General Information Pamphlet
on Bichon Frise

10 cents single copy and $1.00 for 12 copies.

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Item E Generation Bichon Pedigree Forms

Printed on blue parchment. 25 cents each.

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Item F Decals -- New Design

Blue and Gold. 3.5 inch diameter. 50 cents each. (New design refers to logo at top of page.)

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Item G Key FOB

Top grain leather with Cloisonné disc attached (Bichon Frise image) states BICHON FRISE CLUB OF AMERICA, INC. Founded 1964. $10.00 each.

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Item H Grooming Apron (with pockets)

Water resistant fabric. Bright peacock blue. Quick release fastener. One size fits all. White embroidery states BFCA National Specialty. $15 each.

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Item I Tee Shirts

Beautiful logo design on quality shirts. Wording is BFCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY. In white only. Size XL. $15 each.

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BFCA Supplies Order Form

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