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Bichons... Bichons... Nothing but Bichons...

Heart Shayne's Page by Shayne Abelkop, USA
Heart Simone's World by Angie Adair, USA
Heart Some Thoughts by Edwin Ashurst, USA
Heart Talewagon Bichon Frisé by Shirley Baxter, Canada
Heart Pets Picture Page by Katherine Bradshaw, USA
Heart Bichon Frisé by Derek & Joan Briggs, UK
Heart Welcome to Max & Lilly's World by Patty Burke, USA
Heart BF-L Bichon Frisé Rescue by Patty Burke, USA
Heart Coastwatcher Bichon Frisé ckc by Kim Campbell, Canada
Heart Jenn's Groovy Pre-Homepage by Jenn Covent, Canada
Heart BonTon Bichon Frisé by Lois Cowan, Canada
Heart Dewings by Cindy Dewing, USA
Heart Balladair Bichon Frisé by Julia Dickinson, Canada
Heart Bichon Frisé Club of Canada, Inc. by Norma Dirszowsky
Heart Normandy Bichon Frisé by Norma Dirszowsky, Canada
Heart Home Page by Jeff & Laura Domogala, USA
Heart Nuage Bichon Frisé by Bill Dreker, USA
Heart ivory Bichon Frisé by Jacqueline Filloon Eagan, USA
Heart Domino is coming.... by Gil & Theresa Fernandez, USA
Heart Computer Consulting Services by Virginia Fuller, USA
Heart Pick of the Litter by Joni Gates, USA
Heart My Home Page by Richard Glaser, USA
Heart Hercules, The Bichon Frise by Jeanne Godzeno, USA
Heart Patti's Page by Patti Harada, USA
Heart Varmint Al's Primitive Web Page by Al and Mary Ann Harral, USA
Heart My Lovely Home Page by Sharon Heaps, USA
Heart Leeward's Bichon Frisé by Jaana Hellsten, Finland
Heart The Higgs Family Page by Glen Higgs, Canda
Heart The Bickersons by Linda Hill, USA
Heart Lucky Bichons by Sandy Isley, USA
Heart Home Page by Allan Jensen, USA
Heart Rudy by Susie Kandt, USA
Heart Jitterbop by Jaana Kauppinen, Finland
Heart Fluff World by Judy Keiser, USA
Heart Blue Valley Designworks by Jacqui Kinnie, USA
Heart The Laufer Family Home Page by Carl Laufer, USA
Heart Joe the Menace by Helen Lew, USA
Heart Home Page by Wolfgang Matt, Germany
Heart McMahon Family Homepage by Gerald and Ngaire McMahon, New Zealand
Heart Brian Miller's Home Page by Brian Miller, England
Heart Teddy's World by Gerry & Steve Mitchell, USA
Heart Japanese Bichon Frisé by Kiyomi Ochiai, Japan
Heart Grissom Junior High by Tom O'Sullivan, USA
Heart Islind Bichon Frisé by Linda Padar, Canada
Heart Nancy's Homepage by Nancy Parker, USA
Heart The Penland's Page by Dawn & Tim Penland, USA
Heart Linda's Little Homepage! by Linda Pineman, USA
Heart Our Southwestern Home Page by Pam Preble, USA
Heart Our Bichons by Jim & Linda Rhodes, USA
Heart Welcome to Kristy's Home Page by Kristy Ridings, USA
Heart S.O.S. DOGS by Barbara Ross, USA
Heart Bichon Frisé Club of America, Inc. by Janice Sheehy, USA
Heart Bichon Frisé - Live Stuffed Toy by Janice Sheehy, USA
Heart BichonFrisé-L by Janice Sheehy, USA
Heart BichonFrisé-L by Janice Sheehy, USA (Mirror Site)
Heart Bichon Frisé Home Page by Ed Shephard, USA
Heart Phil's "Flying Goat Dog" by Phil Slotter, USA
Heart Sammy Dog's Website by Justin Smith, USA
Heart PenMar Products by Penny Sures, USA
Heart Welcome to Pat's Home Page by Pat Vanden Bosch, USA
Heart Teddi My Love by Jane Waldrip, USA
Heart Future Home by David & Kathie West, Australia
Heart Tresors Blancs Bichons Frises by Steven Williams, USA
Heart Darkel Bichon Frise by Dorothy Wilson, USA
Heart Ann's Web World by Ann Winesdorfer, USA
Heart Willow's Wacky World by Heather Wippler, Canada
Heart Home Page by Stephen Wong, Singapore
Heart Home Page by Theresa Yost, USA

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Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown

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We would like to express our sincere thanks to Derek and Joan Briggs, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England for all their assistance in preparing this website and the Welcome Message for BichonFrise-L. THANK YOU!!!

If anyone knows who the author is for the above poem, please let me know so proper credit can be given for a wonderful Bichon poem. Thank you "Author".