Bichon in Garbage


You know you're a Bichon person if...

Bichons... Bichons... Nothing but Bichons...

... your Bichon owns a raincoat and you don't.

... you visit your parents after not seeing them for a month and it goes something like this..."SIMONE!!! Oh, Monie Baby, come see grandma & pops!! Oh we wuv you, wuv you, wuv you! We missed our wittle granddoggy!! Want a treat?!......................Oh, hello Angie & Brian".

Angie Adair

... you refrain from using your free frequent flyer tickets to go to Hawaii because fuzzball doesn't like to fly.

... you don't go out to lunch after church because it'll be too many hours that Fuzzball has been alone.

... you can't stay on chat lines too long because the effort of typing while Fuzzball's head is lying on your wrists just gets to be too much!

... you pack more stuff for the Fuzzballs to go on a trip with you than you do for yourselves (well.... there's their favorite blankies, and toys, & pillows & water bowls & feed dishes & jackets... :-)

... you select skiing in New England instead of the beaches of Florida for winter vacation because Fussball really prefers to play in the snow!

Gaile Avent

... you read your e-mail from the list before you've had your morning coffee. My husband just asked "is there a crisis at work?" when he saw I didn't have a pot of coffee on! He thinks I'd dial in to *work* before my morning coffee????????????

Patty Burke

... you stay home with the dogs rather then go to the Bahamas for free for 2-3 weeks.

... anytime away from your dogs and you get separation anxiety ... never mind the dogs getting it!

... you enjoy all the damage the dogs do to your underwear, anything on the kitchen table, etc. lets you know they are thinking of you.

Kim Campbell

... you use the snow blower to clear a nice winding path in the back yard for the girls before clearing the sidewalks for humans!

... you drive to town in the middle of a blizzard because the girls were out of treats.

... you sleep in an awkward position so that they had enough room on my pillow!
Dick Cooper

... you are ready to go in the show ring and realize you have not combed YOUR hair!

... you run the slicker brush through your hair and then worry about giving your Bichon something!

... you spend thousands of dollars putting an addition on your house---for the dogs!

... you call yourself "Mommy" or "Grandma" in reference to your Bichons.

... he tells you to quit talking *baby talk* to the Bichons 'cause that's the way they will say things when they learn how to talk.

... you go to Brian's homepage, realize that the first picture has no dog in it and move on to the next page before the first has finished loading. (Sorry Brian)

... you know Brian is a Bichon person cause he only has one picture of himself and THREE of his Bichon.

Lois Cowan

... when our dogs get more e-mail than we do.

Nick and Suzy Dasovich

... you buy a new car but don't trade in your old one just in case your Bichon might not like the "new car smell".

... you know you're a Bichon person when you get up in the morning and turn on the computer to get the BichonFrise-L news before you turn on the coffee pot.

... you receive more Christmas cards from Bichons than you do from your human friends" (and that's the truth!)

Norma Dirszowsky

... your parents make you go home to get the dog.

... you allow your dog to sleep on your head while you don't allow your husband to put a foot into "your" side of the bed.

... you share your bathroom water glass with the dog because you don't want her to have to go all the way down stairs to use her own water bowl.

... you have more pictures of the dog than you do of anyone else.

... you spend more time writing e-mail to your dogs friends than to your own.

... your dog's voice is on the answering machine.

... your first page on the web is all about . . . your dog!

Ann Dolfay

... you scrunch up against the significant other on their side of the bed because the fuzzball is laid out on your side and looks so comfortable that you don't want to disturb it and upset it.

... you drop whatever you're doing to rub the exposed jelly belly on the floor.

... you take it to puppy playgroup every weekend so it can be with its friends for a while

... you get a second one even after experiencing six months of puppyhood antics with the first one!!

Jeff/Laura Domogala

... your family goes Christmas shopping for you and you receive five "Bichon Frise" calendars for Christmas

... your friends call you to tell you every time they see a Bichon, like "Elvis sightings"

... you can pick out Bichons mis-cast on television and in movies as poodles

... you receive a phone call recommending a movie because "There's a scene with a Bichon Frise in it. I'm not sure, watch it and tell me if that's a Bichon"

Gigi Fether

... your husband comes in & gives you a hug & you break it off because the dog gets jealous & feels left out!!!

Julie Fruth

... you drag the snowblower to the backyard to make a path around the yard so the dog will have space to run and play.

... the walls in your office cubicle have turned into a dog pictorial.

... you come into work early so there's time to get on the computer and read all the fun Bichon email that's waiting.

... someone asks the question: Would you give up your Bichon for one million dollars?, and the answer is....ARE YOU NUTS!!!! NO WAY!

Kathy Gallagher

... when you are away from home for more than an hour you call the phone machine to say "Hi, there Hammers, Mommy will be home soon, be a good boy now"

... when you can't enter your own house without a new toy or treat for those waiting babies.

... when you take your dogs to the Vet regularly to have their teeth scraped and you haven't seen a dentist yourself in 4 years.

... you know you are a Bichon person when Grandma visits and brings chew toys for the dogs but nothing for the human kids.

... you know you are a dog person when you have a folder in you purse with pictures of your puppies just waiting for an excuse to whip them out and show people your children.

... I download software to teach myself how to type with one hand because Hamlet insists on laying on my left arm and of cours I need my left hand to scratch his ears.

... when your husband is on a business trip that just happens to be in Baniff, the scenery is gorgeous, the Hotel is romantic, he has a huge four poster bed with a plush down comforter and his first comment when he calls me is "the dogs would love it"... (sad but very TRUE)

Catherine Higgins

... you bundle up and drag an ice-cold lawn chair and a magazine outside to sit in the sun in 40-degree weather just to get your Bichon's nose to turn black again.

... your Bichon is squeaky-clean and fluffy, sweet-smelling and carefully brushed out. You, on the other hand, are still wearing the same sweat pants from yesterday and your hair looks like something the Bichon dragged in.

... the latest Foster Smith pet catalog and Time magazine arrive in your mailbox at the same time, and you read the Foster Smith catalog first - cover to cover, actually stopping to seriously consider doggie boots.

... where once you looked for exotic beaches, beautiful vistas or ancient sites when planning your next vacation, now you'll only consider going places where you can take the dog.

... your dog's dinner takes more time to prepare than your family's.

... you spend more time at Petco than Macy's.

Linda Hill

... you mostly wear red clothes, because it makes your Bichons look sooo good!

Jaana Leinonen

... you name your new business after #1 dog....."Kelsey & Co. Publishing"

Marcia Lewis & Kelsey

... you stay up until 1:30 a.m. reading all the posts on the Bichon List.

Jane Michalski

... you sit sideways to type because the Bf is too comfy looking in your lap.

... you spent 2 hours squeaky toys till you find just the right one.

... your wife makes you use the downstairs bathroom so as not to wake the puffball!

Gerry, Steve and "Teddy" Mitchell

... you cannot walk out of the pet store without trying the new conditioner, aloe shampoo, hyper-alergenic shampoo, oatmeal shampoo,......

... you go to the store to get yourself shampoo and see one that says 'whitens and removes brassy/yellow tones' and buy it - even though you have dark brown hair!

David & Linda Padar

... as a passenger holding your Bichon while riding in the car you see another Bichon being walked along the sidewalk... you immediately hold up your Bichon so that he can see another of his buddies. Both Bichons and both owners are excited to see another puff ball! Such fun!

... you save the last morsel of bagel or toast every morning because he will be so disappointed if denied just a taste...

... while on vacation you call home to the "Grandparents" everyday to get a Bichon story. (My husband insists I call!)

... your dog is invited to the neighborhood block parties every time!

... your friends invite you and your dog over for dinner and cards! If you don't bring him they are disappointed.

... you don't mind that your Bichon has decided that the lovely new woven throw you bought for the living room sofa should instead become his personal "blanky"!

Paula Palestine

... you are self-employed working at home and you let your Bichon sleep on top of your desk while you are working so she can look out the window and there is no room for your papers ...

... you let her sleep in your lap while you are trying to type (like right now) ...

... you adjust your bedtime to 9:30 p.m. because that is when she sits at the top of the stairs with her rawhide bone in her mouth crying and she is ready to go to bed ...

Nancy Parker call your obedience instructor and ask for next weeks homework assignment because you can't make it to the class. leave work 2 1/2 hours early to pick your Bichon up from the groomer.

... when you read all the Bichon posts in the morning and go to work without a shower.

Dawn Penland

... you give your Bichon the treat box and let her pick out the one she wants!

... your kids tell you that you let the Bichon get away with stuff you would NEVER have let them get away with!

... you go out to dinner with your friends, and while they talk about their kids, you talk about your Bichon!

Martin E. Richter

... when you go out for the evening you leave the upstairs TV on the Public Television station and the downstairs radio on the classical music station- so you're puffball should get a good cultural education.

Barbara and Steve Rittenberg

... you know you're a Bichon person when you realize you're biting Milk-Bones into smaller pieces, so your 8-week-old puppy can eat them easier

... when you think that "puppy breath" is the most wonderful smell in the world!!

The Roehmers

... you develop the family holiday pictures, and everyone says that the dog is so photogenic.

... your parents call and ask how the dog is before they ask how you and the kids are.

Adele Selik

... you select your family room sofa and loveseat for the comfort of the Bichons.

... you think about purchasing a new vehicle for the safety and comfort of your Bichons.

... you go to work on Monday and find bait in your pockets of your blazer from the show held that weekend.

... you spend your entire day off having your Bichons groomed by the best groomer hours away from home just because she does the best job.

Janice Sheehy

... you and your boyfriend have different voices for each of your three dogs and make up conversations between them.

Betsy Sparrow

... you spend more time choosing that *special* doggy treat than you spend choosing your *own* groceries!

... you jump up faster to console your fluffball if she yelps than you do one of your own children.

... you come in the door and your fluffball is jumping up and down like no tomorrow, and your children haven't even said hello!

Pat Vanden Bosche

... you take 3 weeks vacation to be with you're baby bichon when she first comes home so that she can acclimatize herself to the new surroundings.

Lorraine Voisine

... you use antique family heirloom candy dishes to put baby's treats in!

... the first place you go in the store is the pet department and you buy the milk bones with the Bichon picture on it.

... you move a floral arrangement from a end table so the puppy can sit on the table and look out the window.

... you have an extra 10 pounds of Bichon hanging onto your bath towel when you are trying to dry after a shower!

Dennie Williams

... you find dog treats in all of your pockets, but no loose change.

Alicia Wilson

... you go to bed find hubby sleeping on the floor and bed full babies.

... you wake up and its daylight, with you head on the grooming table and wet tongue licking your face.

... all ten people in your in your house slide their feet along the floor (the puppy shuffle) when they walk so as not to step on puppy toes.

... every drawer in the house contains dogs supplies... even your makeup bag.

... you take a towel or blanket for the "Star" to sit on while you sit on the wet dirty ground (and your Bichon knows it)

Heather Wippler

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Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown

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